Spectral Databases for Search Software

We provide a broad range of FTIR, ATR-FTIR, Raman, and NIRNEW spectra for use in commercial search software in characterizing substances based on their spectral signatures.

Please call (888) 326-8186 (USA only) or +1 (203) 628-4833 (International)  or email info@czitek.com for detailed database contents, general questions, or a price quotation

The databases are available as full collections or in specialized subsets in accordance with your application requirements. 

Spectral Database Categories:

Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) FTIR Spectral Libraries

FTIR Transmission Spectral Libraries

Raman Spectral Libraries

Hummel Infrared Standards

Other Transmission Spectral Libraries

NIR Spectral Libraries NEW


All spectra databases are available in the following spectral formats:
ABB - Horizon MB™
ACD/Labs - ACD/UV-IR Manager™, SpecManager™
Agilent – (former Varian) Resolutions, Resolutions Pro v4.1™ (and later versions)
Agilent – (former A2 Technologies) MicroLab PC™
Agiltron, Inc
BaySpec, Inc.
BioRad/Sadtler - KnowItAll™, SearchMaster™
Bruker - Opus™
B&WTek Inc.- BWID™
DeltaNu (now SciAps)
Enwave Optronics, Inc.
Essential FTIR
Foster and Freeman Ltd - FORAM FireWire™, FORAM X3™
Galactic - Grams/32™, SpectralID™
Horiba/Jobin Yvon - LabSpec™
Jasco - Spectra Manager Suite™
Kaiser Optical Systems - Grams32™
Lambda Solutions, Inc.
LabCognition - Panorama™, irAnalyze™, RAMalyze™
LabControl - Spectacle™
Lumex - Spectralum™
Mattson - WinFirst™
Perkin Elmer - Spectrum Expert Search™, Spectrum Express™
Raman Systems, Inc. - RSIScan™
Renishaw - WIRE™, Grams32™
SciAps (former DeltaNu)
SersTech AB
Shimadzu – LabSolutions IR, IRSolution™, HyperIR™
Smiths Detection Ltd. (SensIR) - Hazmat™, QualID™, PharmID™
S&I, TriVista
Thermo Nicolet – Omnic™, Omnic Specta™

Please contact us for the most recent compatibility list