About Us

Czitek is a privately held USA company dedicated to development and marketing of products for optical spectroscopy. Our mission is to Simplify Spectroscopy for our customers! 

Czitek is focused on FT-IR accessories that incorporate microspectroscopy and sample imaging for cost-effective, easy to use customer solutions. We are located in Danbury, CT with a full complement of staff and facilities to provide innovative product development, manufacturing, market development and service to help solve our customers' analytical challenges. 

We have assembled a team that has over 170 years of combined experience in the development, marketing, and manufacture of leading technological advancements in FT-IR/Visible/Raman Spectroscopy, Diamond Composite Technology, In-Situ Reaction Monitoring and Portable ruggedized Spectrometer instruments for in-field chemical identification. Our team's innovations have had an impact on many industrial applications as well as in Defense and Homeland Security. Over the course of thirty years, our team has designed, manufactured, and supported many ground-breaking spectroscopy accessories and instruments for brand-leading, marquee companies such as Perkin Elmer, Thermo-Fisher, Smiths Detection, and Agilent.

Let Czitek make your job easier through cost-effective easy to use instrumental and sampling solutions.

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