Other Transmission Spectral Databases

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 Other Transmission Spectral Libraries

 Essential third-party spectra collections of transmittance spectra. 

List of all available 3rd party Spectral Libraries:

  •  Nicodom Kidney Stone Spectra Database 

1,668 transmission spectra of human kidney stones and related chemicals. This is a collection of compounds found in human kidney such as different types of oxalates, phosphates, urates, other minerals and their mixtures as well as stones of drug or organic origin. 

  • Toronto Forensic Spectra Database 

This extensive library is one of the most widely-used collections of its kind for forensic scientists and investigators. The Toronto Forensic Library contains 3,800 FT-IR spectra of illegal and legal drugs, drug precursors and reagents used to prepare them and other substances encountered in forensic analysis.  The major divisions of substances are organic, inorganic, and natural and commercial products. 

Please note:The spectra of this database were measured at the Forensic Laboratories of the Canadian Department of Health and Welfare in Toronto. (Spectral Range: 4000 cm-1 to 650 cm-1, Resolution: 2 cm-1 or 4 cm-1)