Hummel Infrared Spectral Standards

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Hummel Infrared Standards

 We also offer the renowned spectra libraries edited by Professor Dieter Hummel grouped by class: Industrial Polymers, Defined Polymers, Surfactants and Organic Compounds.

List of all available Hummel Spectral Databases:

  • IR Hummel Industrial Polymers Volume 1-3

Each compound in Volume 1 is identified by its IUPAC or common names. Volumes 2 and 3 additionally contain the chemical structure. All Associated legends quote references, inform about the origin and the synthesis of the polymers as well as the sample preparation. Each compound is identified by its IUPAC or common names and chemical structure.*


  •  IR Hummel Industrial Polymers Volume 1

1,910 IR spectra collection of polymers, elastomers and fibers consists of spectra of natural and synthetic construction polymers, natural and synthetic fibers, elastomers, miscellaneous resins like natural resins, paint and finishing resins, impregnation and casting resins, dispersion, moulding and printing inks, oils, fats, waxes, tars, inorganic compounds, adhesives, putties, cements, protective colloids, curing agents, initiators and activators, accelerators and modifiers. 
  • IR Hummel Industrial Polymers Volume 2 

1,570 spectra: The following is a breakdown of the monomer classes presented in the database: Vinyl monomers, pyrolyzates, alcohols, phenols carboxylic acids and their salts, esters, anhydrides, amides, hydrazides, urethanes, cyanates, fulminates, heterocycles, amino and thiocarboxylic acids, sulphonamides, technical solvents and more.
  • IR Hummel Industrial Polymers Volume 3 

The database contains 1,520 FT-IR spectra within the following classes: antioxidants, stabilizer (including PVC stabilizer), light stabilizer, coloring agents, brightening agents, fillers, plasticizers, elasticators, extenders, processing agents, textile auxiliaries, vulcanization agents and rubber auxiliaries. 
  • IR Hummel Defined Polymers 

2,900 polymer spectra with extensive sample information. 
  • IR Hummel Defined Polymers, Basic Collection 

1,140 selected infrared spectra from the collection Defined Polymers. 
  • IR Hummel Infrared Surfactants Collection 

This database contains 1,020 spectra of surfactants. It has been compiled by Professor Dieter Hummel, University of Cologne in co-operation with Chemical Concepts. 
  • IR Industrial Organic Chemicals 

20,330 Infrared spectra of 17,770 common organic compounds produced by chemical companies. 5,600 of these spectra are taken from literature spectra and recalculated from peak tables. In addition to the molecular structure, in most cases the following information is available: Chemical name, Purity, Melting point, Boiling point, Density, Molecular formula, Molecular weight, CAS-No, Measurement conditions, Resolution.*

* Please note that the availability of sample information will depend on the spectrum format and  search software that you are using!