Film SurveyIR - Grazing Angle FT-IR Microscope for Thin Film Characterization

Film SurveyIR™ is an indispensable tool for investigators in the telecommunications, electronics and semiconductor industries for quality assurance and thin film (< 1 µm thickness) characterization and for researchers developing new thin film materials.

Product Note : Film SurveyIR 

Application Areas

  • Thin Film Materials Research and Development

  • Thin Film Contaminant / Defect Analysis

  • Film Thickness Measurement and Uniformity

  • Lubrication / Oxidation

  • Surface Modification / Characterization

  • Monolayers on Surfaces

  • Nanomaterials

  • Organic Conductors / Semiconductors

  • Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDS)

Film SurveyIR Specifications

Externally mounted, interfacing to FT-IR output beam

Thin film analysis of species on metal, semiconductor, or dielectric substrates

Microscope-mounted, liquid nitrogen cooled MCT detector provides maximum sensitivity

Manual X, Y, Z focus and specimen manipulation

Microscope frame design accommodates specimen from 1” x 1” coupons to 12” disks

External reflection and Ge ATR IR incident angle:  60° - 85°

Nominal external reflection mode infrared spot size at specimen: 

250, 167, 133, 107, 67, and 40 µm

Germanium ATR facilitates thin film analysis on dielectric substrates: 

Nominal ATR contact size on specimen: 250, 167, 133, 107, 67, and 40 µm

Stage mounted contact alert / force readout for ATR measurements

On-board, user selectable IR polarizer maximizes absorption intensity and facilitates orientation studies

eSpot™ software controls microscope functions, illumination modes, and live image observation, image capture, documentation, analysis, and storage.

On board 5MP video camera facilitates high resolution images and video capture

Microscope optical magnification in viewing mode results in .77µm/pixel in specimen plane

Viewing survey mode for ATR analysis facilitates specimen targeting