Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) FTIR Spectral Databases

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ATR FTIR Spectral Databases:

  • ATR-FTIR Aldrich Spectra Database   

18,513 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds from the Aldrich collection of the Sigma-Aldrich Company. Part# 10001

  •  IChem Spectra Database 

13,557 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds from fine chemical manufacturers in Japan. Part# 20001

  • Aldrich-IChem Package Spectra Database Volume 1-3 

36,639 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds taken from either the Aldrich or the IChem databases with no duplication. Part# 30001

  •  ATR-FTIR Database Upgrade B

 9,121 ATR-FTIR spectra from database version B Part# 30101-1

  • ATR-FTIR Database Upgrade C

 4,543 ATR-FTIR spectra from database version C.Part# 30101-2

  •  Aldrich Database Upgrade for ATR-FTIR Aldrich-Ichem Database 

 18,126 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds in the IChem, Smiths Detection Ltd, and Nicodom database, which are not in the Aldrich Database P/N 10001. Please Note: Only available in combination with the Ichem Database P/N 20001. 
  • Polymers and Polymer Additives Spectra Database 

4,520 selected ATR-FTIR spectra of polymers, plastics, polymer additives, plasticizers and packing materials.

  •  Food Additives and Food Packaging Spectra Database

2,762 ATR-FTIR spectra of substances added to food, including substances regulated by the FDA. Also spectra of indirect food additives: substances that come into contact with food such as packaging and processing substances.

  • Solvents Spectra Database

667 ATR-FTIR spectra of solvents selected from the Aldrich and IChem Databases.

  • Organometallics and Inorganics Spectra Database

 2,149 ATR-FTIR spectra of Organometallic, Inorganic, Silanes, Boranes and Deuterium compounds selected from the Aldrich and IChem databases.

  • Biochemicals Spectra Database 

5,343 ATR-FTIR spectra of Biochemicals selected from Aldrich and IChem and including vitamins, resins, starches, glycerides, fatty acids, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins and peptides.

  •  Aldehydes and Ketones Spectra Database


3,482 ATR-FTIR spectra of Aliphatic and Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones selected from the Aldrich and IChem databases. 

  • Alcohols and Phenols Spectra Database 

2,671 ATR-FTIR spectra of Alcohols and Phenols selected from the Aldrich and IChem databases.

  •  Esters and Lactones Spectra Database 

4,170 ATR-FTIR spectra of esters and lactones selected from the Aldrich and IChem databases.

  •  Anhydrides and Carboxylic Acids Spectra Database 

5,718 ATR-FTIR spectra of Anhydrides and Carboxylic Acids selected from the Aldrich and IChem databases.

  •   Hydrocarbons Spectra Database 

1,175 ATR-FTIR spectra of Hydrocarbons and Halogenated Hydrocarbons selected from the Aldrich and IChem databases. 

  • Flavors, Fragrances, and Cosmetic Ingredients Spectra Database 

2,716 ATR-FTIR spectra of flavors, fragrances, and ingredients used in the cosmetic industry.

  •  Pesticides Spectra Database

1820 selected ATR-FTIR spectra of pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, algaecides and fungicides 
  • Semiconductor Chemicals Spectra Database 

919 selected ATR-FTIR spectra a of chemicals used in the Semiconductor industry. 

  • Forensic Spectra Database 

3,579 ATR-FTIR spectra of compounds commonly of interest in the forensic laboratory. 

  • Dyes, Pigments, and Stains Spectra Database 

2,867 ATR-FTIR spectra of selected dyes, pigments, stains and indicators.

  • Sulfur and Phosphorus Spectra Database 

5,336 ATR-FTIR spectra of sulfur and phosphorus containing compounds selected from the Aldrich and IChem databases. 

  • Hazardous Chemicals Spectra Database

 3,730 ATR-FTIR spectra of chemicals included in the EPA Cameo Database for Chemical Emergencies and Responders and USCG Chris Hazardous Chemicals database. 

  • Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals Spectra Database

 8,136 ATR-FTIR spectra of chemicals included in the EPA Cameo Database for Chemical Emergencies and Responders, the USCG Chris Hazardous Chemicals database, the NIOSH Guide to Chemical Hazards Databases and including chemicals regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act. 

  • Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, and Antibiotics Spectra Database 

2,715 ATR-FTIR spectra of active substances and aids commonly used in pharmaceutical industry. 

  • High Production Volume (HPV) Chemicals Spectra Database

 1,315 ATR-FTIR spectra of substances included in the HPV Challenge Program Chemical List. The U.S. high production volume (HPV) chemicals are those, which are manufactured in or imported into the United States in amounts equal to or greater than one million pounds p.a.

  •  Excipients Spectra Database 

852 ATR-FTIR spectra of pharmaceutical and cosmetic excipients. 

  • White Powders Spectra Database

 697 ATR-FTIR spectra of commercially available white powders and white chemical substances.

  •  Lubricants Spectra Database 

1,682 ATR-FTIR spectra of lubricants and oils, including motor specific oils, such as gear and hydraulic oils, anticorrosion oils, fuels, but also natural oils and essential oils. 

  • Coatings Spectra Database 

1,809 ATR-FTIR spectra of common coating materials. Various types of coating including binders, fillers, resins, pigments, dyes. Also typical types of enamels, primers, lacquers, powder coatings, stoving varnishes in fresh and cured form and many other compounds. 

  • Paints Spectra Database 

2,507 ATR-FTIR spectra of art materials used in historical and modern paintings. This databases was developed especially for paintings renovators and conservators, art museums and for forensic purposes. It includes spectra of pigments (historical, inorganic, synthetic), fillers, binders, glues, varnishes, conservation materials, proteins, gums, oils, waxes, balsams, natural and synthetic resins, dispersions, dyes (natural, from plants and animals, synthetic), carbohydrates, and many other related compounds like typical solvents and polymers, cleaning agents, thickeners, retarders, chemicals and more. 

  • Selected Pure Compounds Spectra Database 

5,000 ATR-FTIR spectra of selected pure compounds for educational institutions. 

  • Explosives Spectra Database 

405 ATR-FTIR spectra of explosive materials such as nitrates esters, nitro-aromatics, nitramines, etc.