Spectroscopy Simplified - Innovative Technology for FT-IR Spectroscopy

Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is a valuable tool for identifying and quantifying a variety of materials quickly. Czitek designs and produces innovative accessories that allow you to get accurate answers from your FTIR, easily.  By integrating specimen viewing into our accessories, you can be confident of your measurement.  From our high throughput MicromATR Vision diamond ATR accessory for solids, liquids and larger samples, to our innovative SurveyIR Microscope accessory for contaminants and small samples, Czitek provides the link between your sample and the answers you need.



Upgrade your capabilities

Improve your FTIR’s performance with new accessories

Visualize a successful analysis

Clear, consistent visual images for both micro and macro samples

Industry leading performance at any budget

Advanced optics and designs provide needed results at an economical price


Combining Visual Imaging and FTIR Spectroscopy for Performance, Confidence, and Ease-of-Use


Viewing diamond ATR accessory with an unparalleled number of options to meet most any measurement need
Unique FTIR microscope accessory offering superior visual quality and outstanding infrared performance
Wide selection of infrared and Raman libraries for precise material identification
Precision sample preparation tools for visual and infrared microscopy