Raman Spectral Databases

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This Raman Spectra Database contains 8,694 searchable Raman spectra. The spectra were measured at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan and by our scientists in our laboratories. 


Highest sample purity

ll spectra have been reviewed and evaluated

Spectral range 4000 cm-1 to 200 cm-1

Databases can be chosen by spectral resolution: 1 cm-1, 2 cm–1, and 4 cm–1

Excitation laser wavelength for most spectra: 532 nm or 488 nm

Name, CAS number, molecular formula, and additional information with most spectra*

Lists of compounds/spectra in each database are available in pdf format


List of all available Raman Spectral Libraries:

  •  Raman Spectra Database 

Complete collection of 8,694 Raman spectra. 

  • Raman Database Upgrade B 

4,694 Raman spectra from database version B. 

  • Raman Database Upgrade C 

2,152 Raman spectra from database version C. 

  • Polymer and Polymer Additives Spectra Database 

929 Raman spectra of polymers, plastics and polymer additives. 

  • Food Additives and Food Packaging Spectra Database

1,075 spectra of substances added to food, including substances regulated by the FDA. Also spectra of indirect food additives: substances that come into contact with food such as packaging and processing. 

  • Solvents Spectra Database 

469 Raman spectra of solvents. 

  • Biochemicals Spectra Database 

1,900 Raman spectra of Biochemicals partly including vitamins, resins, starches, glycerides, fatty acids, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins and peptides. 

  • Aldehydes and Ketones Spectra Database 

1,079 Raman spectra of Aliphatic and Aromatic Aldehydes and Ketones. 

  • Alcohols and Phenols Spectra Database 

891 Raman spectra of Alcohols and Phenol. 

  • Esters, Lactones, and Anhydrides Spectra Database 

2,935 Raman spectra of Carboxylic Acids, Esters, Lactones and Anhydrides.  

  • Hydrocarbons Spectra Database 

565 Raman spectra of Hydrocarbons and Halogenated Hydrocarbons. 

  • Flavors, Fragrances, and Cosmetic Ingredients Spectra Database 

1,030 Raman spectra of flavors, fragrances, and ingredients used in the cosmetic industry. 

  • Pesticides Spectra Database 

468 Raman spectra of pesticides including insecticides, herbicides, algaecides and fungicides. 

  • Semiconductor Chemicals Spectra Database 

371 Raman spectra of chemicals used in the Semiconductor industry. 

  • Forensic Spectra Database 

748 Raman spectra of compounds commonly of interest in the forensic laboratory. 

  • Dyes, Pigments, and Stains Spectra Database 

300 Raman spectra of selected dyes, pigments, stains and indicators. 

  • Sulfur and Phosphorus Spectra Database 

977 Raman spectra of sulfur and phosphorus containing compounds. 

  • Hazardous Chemicals Spectra Database 

1,361 Raman spectra of chemicals included in the EPA Cameo Database for Chemical Emergencies and Responders and USCG Chris Hazardous Chemicals database. 

  • Hazardous and Toxic Chemicals Spectra Database 

3,035 Raman spectra of chemicals included in the EPA Cameo Database for Chemical Emergencies and Responders, the USCG Chris Hazardous Chemicals database, the NIOSH Guide to Chemical Hazards Databases and including chemicals regulated under the Toxic Substances Control Act. 

  • Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, and Antibiotics Spectra Database 

1,172 Raman spectra of active substances and aids commonly used in pharmaceutical industry. 

  • High Production Volume (HPV) Chemicals Spectra Database 

697 Raman spectra of substances included in the HPV Challenge Program Chemical List. The U.S. high production volume (HPV) chemicals are those, which are manufactured in or imported into the United States in amounts equal to or greater than one million pounds per year. 

  • Minerals and Inorganic Materials Spectra Database 

1,419 Raman spectra of minerals and inorganic materials. (Spectral range 1500 – 200 cm-1). 

  • Minerals Spectra Database 

454 Raman spectra of minerals. (Spectral range 1500 – 200 cm-1). Spectra are not included in the complete Raman Spectral Database. 

  • Inorganic Materials Spectra Database 

965 Raman spectra of inorganic materials, extracted from database 60022. (Spectral range 1500 – 200 cm-1).  Spectra are not included in the complete Raman Spectral Database.